Event Instructions For All Participants

We closed online entries this morning and with almost 180 sign ups, we’re really looking forward to welcoming you to the 5th Anniversary Hilly Helmet Challenge tomorrow night. We’re very pleased to be supporting the charity Brain Tumour Support once again this year and welcome members of the charity including founder Tina Mitchell-Skinner who will be starting the event.

Challenge has certainly been the theme of this year as we have battled in the face of so much uncertainty as to whether we would even be able to hold an ‘on the night’ event at all, so we initially offered the event as a virtual one with the hope we would be able to hold one on the night.  To that end, some of our entrants have already done a virtual run of the course due to their own circumstances, some being pinged by the track and trace app so having to isolate or simply for another reason, but everyone entered who takes part virtually or on the night will get their unique event memento.

Final instructions for all runners taking part on the night

Below are the final instructions for the event, please take the time to read the contents so that you are ready to enjoy yourself tomorrow night.


Fine weather is predicted, so registration and number collection will be from the area by the cricket scoreboard on the far side of the cricket field. Look for the yellow signs and flags.

On the night entry

If you’re planning to enter on the night please come early as it will be busy and you will need to complete an entry form. On the night entries will be priced at £19 or £17 for affiliated runners. Please do your best to bring the correct money as we won’t have any change.

Registration will OPEN AT 5:00pm and close at 6:40pm SHARP to allow us to do the safety briefing. 

Number Swaps

Please DO NOT swap your number or give your place to another participant without our knowledge. We’re happy to do a number swap, please just tell us. If you do want to do this, please get to us early to allow us enough time to make the changes to the start list. Replacement runners will also be expected to complete an entry form.


It can be a problem, so if you can walk or cycle to the event or can lift share, please help us to be a good neighbour by doing so. If you live further afield and need to drive, there is plenty of parking at the public car park opposite the petrol station on Warminster Road which is within easy walking distance. As Westbury has had a lot of rain, the grass at the recreation centre may be too wet to accommodate parking this year and we won’t know until the day if we’ll be able to park on this area. Please plan to park in the local car park as regular recreation centre users will be expecting to park at the centre while they use the facilities as normal. We’ll be very grateful if you plan to arrive in enough time to park considerately and not block the residential roads up around the recreation centre.

Safety on the course

We have seen a lot of heavy rain in the last few days which means there are likely to be muddy areas which the sun can’t dry out in time. Bearing this in mind we’d recommend wearing shoes suitable for slippery conditions that you don’t mind getting dirty. We also strongly recommend you take your time both going up and coming down the bridleway as it can get very slippery and it’s a tough surface to land on and we don’t anyone to hurt themselves.

Please also remember that headphones/earphones must not be used during the race or briefings. Marshals are there for your safety and it is imperative you can hear their instructions, as well as hear others using the route while taking part.


We’re very grateful to the cricket club for providing the bar and bbq being offered at the finish. There is plenty of space for everyone to spread out and have a relaxing drink afterwards.


There will be a short presentation of prizes at 8 o’clock when we hope the last participant will have crossed the finish line. The best helmet prize will be presented once everyone has finished. There is no raffle this year. Results will be available on www.orangehelmeteventsorg.uk as well as a link on our Facebook page as soon as possible following the event.

Photography Will take place at this event. Images of you can be removed on request.


Please DO NOT attend the event if you have displayed any Covid symptoms in the 10 days in the run up to the event, have been instructed to isolate or have tested positive.  (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-stay-at-home-guidance/stay-at-home-guidance-for-households-with-possible-coronavirus-covid-19-infection). Whilst social distancing rules are now being relaxed, please respect the space of those who still wish to keep a distance on the night.


This event has been approved, insured and licenced by the Association of Running Clubs.  We also have Wiltshire Council’s consent to use the route as planned.