Event Instructions For All Participants

We closed online entries this morning and with almost 180 sign ups, we’re really looking forward to welcoming you to the 5th Anniversary Hilly Helmet Challenge tomorrow night. We’re very pleased to be supporting the charity Brain Tumour Support once again this year and welcome members of the charity including founder Tina Mitchell-Skinner who will be starting the event.

Challenge has certainly been the theme of this year as we have battled in the face of so much uncertainty as to whether we would even be able to hold an ‘on the night’ event at all, so we initially offered the event as a virtual one with the hope we would be able to hold one on the night.  To that end, some of our entrants have already done a virtual run of the course due to their own circumstances, some being pinged by the track and trace app so having to isolate or simply for another reason, but everyone entered who takes part virtually or on the night will get their unique event memento.

Final instructions for all runners taking part on the night

Below are the final instructions for the event, please take the time to read the contents so that you are ready to enjoy yourself tomorrow night.


Fine weather is predicted, so registration and number collection will be from the area by the cricket scoreboard on the far side of the cricket field. Look for the yellow signs and flags.

On the night entry

If you’re planning to enter on the night please come early as it will be busy and you will need to complete an entry form. On the night entries will be priced at £19 or £17 for affiliated runners. Please do your best to bring the correct money as we won’t have any change.

Registration will OPEN AT 5:00pm and close at 6:40pm SHARP to allow us to do the safety briefing. 

Number Swaps

Please DO NOT swap your number or give your place to another participant without our knowledge. We’re happy to do a number swap, please just tell us. If you do want to do this, please get to us early to allow us enough time to make the changes to the start list. Replacement runners will also be expected to complete an entry form.


It can be a problem, so if you can walk or cycle to the event or can lift share, please help us to be a good neighbour by doing so. If you live further afield and need to drive, there is plenty of parking at the public car park opposite the petrol station on Warminster Road which is within easy walking distance. As Westbury has had a lot of rain, the grass at the recreation centre may be too wet to accommodate parking this year and we won’t know until the day if we’ll be able to park on this area. Please plan to park in the local car park as regular recreation centre users will be expecting to park at the centre while they use the facilities as normal. We’ll be very grateful if you plan to arrive in enough time to park considerately and not block the residential roads up around the recreation centre.

Safety on the course

We have seen a lot of heavy rain in the last few days which means there are likely to be muddy areas which the sun can’t dry out in time. Bearing this in mind we’d recommend wearing shoes suitable for slippery conditions that you don’t mind getting dirty. We also strongly recommend you take your time both going up and coming down the bridleway as it can get very slippery and it’s a tough surface to land on and we don’t anyone to hurt themselves.

Please also remember that headphones/earphones must not be used during the race or briefings. Marshals are there for your safety and it is imperative you can hear their instructions, as well as hear others using the route while taking part.


We’re very grateful to the cricket club for providing the bar and bbq being offered at the finish. There is plenty of space for everyone to spread out and have a relaxing drink afterwards.


There will be a short presentation of prizes at 8 o’clock when we hope the last participant will have crossed the finish line. The best helmet prize will be presented once everyone has finished. There is no raffle this year. Results will be available on www.orangehelmeteventsorg.uk as well as a link on our Facebook page as soon as possible following the event.

Photography Will take place at this event. Images of you can be removed on request.


Please DO NOT attend the event if you have displayed any Covid symptoms in the 10 days in the run up to the event, have been instructed to isolate or have tested positive.  (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-stay-at-home-guidance/stay-at-home-guidance-for-households-with-possible-coronavirus-covid-19-infection). Whilst social distancing rules are now being relaxed, please respect the space of those who still wish to keep a distance on the night.


This event has been approved, insured and licenced by the Association of Running Clubs.  We also have Wiltshire Council’s consent to use the route as planned.

Helmet On The Road

After the uncertainty over any kind of group activity over the last 15 months, we need your help in getting the word back out that we’re back for our 5th anniversary event this August.

We’ve previously managed to promote the event through social media and by issuing flyers at running events and having great support from the local  parkruns who have helped encourage runners to turn out in helmets at their events in the lead up to our event.

This year we’re mindful parkrun are making their own cautious return and we don’t think it’s fair to distract them from the business of that as they look to re-establish the regular Saturday morning events. We’ll be looking to take part at them like before once they’ve returned and it would be great if some of you were to join us. In the meantime, anything you can do to let people know about our 5th anniversary event would be great. Remember, people thought it’s that good they voted for us to get an award in 2019 and with 80 Helmeteers now signed up we’ve room for just another 120 to reach capacity at the moment and historically it’s this time of year the places really start to see quickly.

The starting gun will fire at 7pm on Wednesday 11th August at Leighton Recreation Centre in Westbury, so if you’ve not entered yet please do and please don’t forget to tell your friends!

Confirmed Event Partners for Hilly Helmet 2021

With the date for this years’ Hilly Helmet set for 11th August, we’re delighted to announce our confirmed event partners for this year.

Please take a look below at who our backers are and if you’re a small business (or a big one) and would also like to be involved in offering support be it as an event partner, sponsor or to offer goody bag fillers, please do get in touch with us via email at  robin@orangehelmetevents.org.uk

We’ve also been very lucky to have donations of items to raffle which helps raise that little extra on the night, so if you’d like to donate a raffle prize, please let us know via the same email.

Event partners are a crucial element to the financial success of Hilly Helmet as we strive to raise as much as possible for the charity Brain Tumour Support. Our event has numerous expenses to cover before we are able to donate anything to the charity and having people willing to cover these really is simply fantastic and we couldn’t do it without them. Additionally, we’ve had donations towards equipment like hi viz bibs our fantastic marshals wear and two feather banners to add to the image of the event which we also recognise are very generously donated and greatly appreciated.

We’re very lucky to have loyal event partners who have supported us year on year and this year once again we’d like to welcome back the following partners helping us meet our expenses so we can pass on as much of your entry fee as possible to the charity Brain Tumour Support for the 5th year.

Kyna Software provide software engineering solutions to the trade and have supported us right from the start with both finance and a results service on the night. Meanwhile they also developed and host our website so we can keep everyone updated with the latest news regarding our events.

Stampede Sports are a local running and cycling events company who are back for their fifth time providing us with event organisation advice as well as funding our ARC memberships to ensure we can obtain an event permit.

Stark Ecology are another of our valued partners backing us for our fifth year. They offer practical ecological advice and solutions to building projects both trade and residential.

The West Wilts Magazine is published by Wired Publishing and they’e back supporting us once again. They produce a local handbook promoting local business and peppered with interesting articles showcasing local events and attractions amongst other subjects.

Mike Sargeant Dry Stone Walling Services do exactly what the name suggests. New projects or refurbishment of historic walls needing rebuilding are amongst what is on offer and we’re very pleased to have them backing us once again this year.


This Years’ Best Helmet Award To Be Dedicated To Hilly Supporter

As our award winning event night gets closer, we’ve some news regarding the  award for the best helmet worn to take part on the night for the event.

We’re fantastically lucky to have our event supported by generous people who cover the  event expenses, those who donate prizes for our raffle and others who are generous with their time who help by volunteering on the night as marshals or by doing things along the way, all of which have helped to make the event as popular as it has been.

It’s never right to pick one person from those who collectively work so hard for our success but after we lost one of our biggest supporters last year we felt it right his name should be remembered at this years’ event.

David Griffiths left us in December and has left a big hole to fill. He was a prolific volunteer at the Southwick parkrun as well as for his running club and as he felt he still had time, also was a massive help with Hilly Helmet. He would print off flyers to put on cars or give out at local run events and parkruns so we could get the word out there and even got posters up in shops to further the publicity. On the night, he’d be the first there, getting stuck in putting up gazebos and generally ensuring nothing would be left to chance and generally supporting wherever he could. He’d marshal the cars into the event and once done would be off up the bridleway to marshal and encourage our Helmeteers on their journey up the hill then congratulate them on their way back down. He’ll be missed very much as he had become a big cog in the wheels of the event organisation since we first started in 2017.

After consultation with his family, we’re delighted to announce this years Best Helmet Award will be named in his memory with his family selecting the winner on the night. We hope you go to your usual trouble to come up with something amazing once again this year to have a chance of taking the prize yourself.

The event will take place on Wednesday 11th August at the Leighton Recreation Centre at Westbury as usual. Are you completing your hat trick this year? If so we’ll award you with your hat trick badge as you cross the finish line Have you been with us from the start? We’ll also be giving a little extra to each of our participants taking part in their 5th Hilly Helmet and of course, everyone gets their unique locally made memento anyway, so we look forward to seeing you there!

Entries are now open and available on Entry Central, so please head over and get signed up via the link www.entrycentral.com/thehillyhelmetchallenge

Hilly Helmet 5 Entry Fees

Hi everyone.

We’ve been very keen to finally get our event for this year live so you could get your entry in. In our haste to do so sadly we overlooked the fact that as a condition of us being issued with a race permit we are obliged to give a £2 discount to affiliated club members which is what we based the £12 entry fee we announced on.

We’re pretty sure we charged £12 last year for the virtual event, so that was what we had in mind. With many of our Helmeteers being club members this won’t affect you as you’ll get the £12 price quoted but for non affiliated members it will be £14. We apologise for this error but of course, all this money goes to charity and not to a race event organisation anyway.

We’re confident Hilly Helmet continues to offer great value at £14 and hope to see you signing up and organising your summer running to include our event before all the other events start to scrabble for dates having already missed out on the early spring slots due to the pandemic. There are bound to be clashes and we hope you choose us.

Please head over to Entry Central to sign up, https://www.entrycentral.com/thehillyhelmetchallenge

It’s On! Latest News On Hilly Helmet 5th Anniversary Event

After previously announcing our plans to hold a virtual event again in 2021, after making some enquiries, we are delighted to announce we are now gearing up for a big ‘on the night’ event on August 11th.  We’re still keeping the virtual option open for adults and our juniors as some of our Helmeteers could be on holiday and sadly as our current event insurance does not cover us to allow juniors to run on the night we wouldn’t like them to miss out.

Our original concerns this year were the availability of the venue as well as any conditions that may be imposed on us in addition to those normally applied by the council and other bodies, but after positive conversations with those stakeholders these fears have been allayed, enabling us to take our plans forward for an on the night event once again.

We’re doing all we can to make it the best ever as we hit our 5th anniversary and hope to bring you another great night of fun and running.

Of course, it all hinges on the transition from lock down going smoothly so we do reserve the right to convert all entries to a virtual event if we find ourselves still hampered by any Covid-19 restrictions still being in place at the time our event is due to take place.

Please continue to watch for our announcements on here and on our social media feeds so we can keep you informed of any changes if we need to.



We’re Open!

Hilly Helmet 5 is open for business!

Current regulations mean we’re having to go virtual again this year but we really appreciate your support for our little event and hope you’ll join in and share your run with us again this year as we bang the drum to raise money for the charity Brain Tumour Support for the fifth year. We’re open from now until 11th August for you to get your effort in. Hopefully our course will be available to run once restrictions are lifted but you can run wherever you like once again this year, don’t forget to wear a helmet and try to include a hill!

We’re thrilled to have DB Max helping us by offering a results service and facility for you to print off your own number to wear when you do your run, who will be number 1?

Being a virtual event once again means juniors and indeed whole families can take part together. We’ve special rates for juniors and a discounted family ticket available, please message us for further details.

Remember, everyone that signs up gets a unique event memento and if it’s your third time we’ll also give you one of our coveted Hat Trick badges. On top of that, if you’ve been with us every year since we started, you’ll also receive an extra special 5th anniversary thank you to mark that too, PLUS, don’t forget there are prizes for best adult and best junior helmet worn to take part.

If you’d like to raise money for Brain Tumour Support while you take part we could even refund your entry fee, please contact us for more details.

We realise there are lots of virtual events to choose from and hope you choose to support us once again this year. Happy running and we can’t wait to see those helmets once again!

Entry is now open here https://www.entrycentral.com/thehillyhelmetchallenge

If you don’t feel able but would still like to donate, we still have our just giving page open if you wish to use it. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/hillyhelmet4

Good luck everyone, we look forward to seeing your entries coming in. Please contact us if you’ve any enquiries about the event or if you would like to be an event partner this year. robin@orangehelmetevents.org.uk

Hilly Helmet 2021 Announcement

Hilly Helmet 2021

After much deliberation, we’d like to announce our plans for Hilly Helmet 2021.

As you all know, our objective in addition to providing a unique fun night for all our running friends is to help raise money for Brain Tumour Support and we hope you will help us support them again for the 5th year.

After converting to a virtual event last year, we were fantastically warmed by the response from everybody who still signed up and took part and alongside our event partners, enabled us to make another healthy donation of over £2500 to Brain Tumour Support for which we can’t thank you enough.

All charities were hit very hard in 2020, with Brain Tumour Support having to move to smaller premises and really scale their service down just to survive as a charity, so once again we’d like to raise as much as we possibly can through our event again this year to help them continue to offer their service to all those whos’ lives are affected by a brain tumour diagnosis.

With mass participation events still being cancelled or put back to later in the year, we’re going to set up as a virtual event once again for 2021 and hope you’ll support us by taking part. If circumstances allow, we’re hoping there may yet be a chance for an event on the night if current world events ease enough in time for us to do so, but at this stage the main focus will be on the virtual event.

Entry fees will be held at 2020 prices and once again we’re offering a family ticket (two adults and two under14s) and junior entries so the whole family can once again get involved and we’re looking forward to seeing the imagination and enthusiasm that goes into the headgear for our event once again this year.

We’ve some exciting news we’re hoping to announce very soon as well. We’re currently in talks with a company with a view to them providing hosting for your run times and downloadable run number bibs for you to print off and wear on your virtual run this year. Once we’ve sorted the detail, we’ll let you know more. As usual, every finisher will receive a pottery memento PLUS, if it’s your 5th Hilly Helmet you’ll be receiving a special extra gift to mark that too.

To many charities, events like ours are lifeblood which is why we have decided to offer another virtual event this year. We hope you’ll support us once again and that 2022 brings us all an opportunity to run together once again.

Please watch this space and our social media feeds for further news on when entry will open for our 2021 event.

Junior Helmet Winners Announced

Following the time period for voting we are pleased to finally be able to announce the junior helmet prize winners.

Rather unusually with no opportunity for everyone to see all the headgear on the night this year, voting must have been very tricky with just pictures to look at and make your mind up from. We’d really like to thank all those who took the time to vote via social media, email and messaging.

Despite this, our Helmeteers have decided and the boys winner is Daniel, pictured in his horny helmet, a popular choice over the years, while the girls winner is Damaris, far left, sporting another flowered number. This means in an amazing coincidence the viking helmets and flowery head gear seem to have cleaned up this year. We’ll arrange to present prizes to the winners as soon as we receive them from the pottery.

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone once again for helping turn what could have been a damp squib into a real success with fantastic support despite the challenges this year. We really hope we can be back to a mass participation event again next year and hope you choose to join us once again.

Finally, we’re always looking for event partners, helpers, donors and financial backers so if you or your business would like to help us fund the events’ expenses or would even like to make a donation to the event total, please do get in touch so we can continue to help Brain Tumour Support carry on with their vital work for all those affected by a brain tumour diagnosis. Please get in touch via robin@orangehelmetevents.org.uk 

And The Winner(s) Is (are)

We’re delighted to finally bring you the winners of our best helmets in the Adult Male and Female categories for our virtual event this year.

We’d like to thank everyone that took part while wearing headgear this year. It’s one thing all running together on the night in fancy dress but quite something else to do it on your own or maybe in a smaller group away from the event and have people stare and maybe make you feel uncomfortable for doing so. This can be a regular occurrence for people after a craniotomy. As if they aren’t going through enough already and having to cope, feeling out of place having to wear a protective helmet in all environments can be a very difficult experience indeed. The event has been a really good way to spread awareness of this and help people understand why they might see protective  helmets being worn in unusual circumstances during daily life.

Firstly I’d like to announce the ladies prize. We had many fantastic helmets from the ladies this year and a lot of papier mache was in evidence. It was great to see so much creativity, thank you all so much for your enthusiasm. There were many worthy winners but it soon became clear there was no need to even put a short list up as so many people were struck by one in particular they got in touch with me personally to say so.


Kim Wainwright went through her own craniotomy in April and when she heard about Hilly Helmet saw it something to get her back on her feet and aim at. Kim was having to wear a protective helmet already so as a keen knitter,  created a covering for it to transform herself into a viking complete with beard. It took all her energy to complete her effort leaving her literally exhausted for some days afterwards. We think she is amazing and really deserving of the best ladies helmet award and we’re so thrilled to have had her be part of it all. We hope to welcome her next year in person.

Meanwhile, the male prize also saw some great efforts. Flowers, lights, a pot plant, pipe cleaners, even a mini golf course, it really was a tough choice I’m glad I didn’t have to make and after a lengthy opportunity for Helmeteers to vote the winner is Michael Fisher with a nice floral number.

Prizes are currently being created and will be delivered over the next couple of weeks. Junior prizes will be announced later in the week.

Next year we will be back to having just one winning helmet, so get your thinking caps/helmets on, we’re looking for something extra special for our 5th anniversary.