Helmet Hearsay

It’s great to see our Helmeteers continuing to submit their proof of runs and walks as well as photos of some great head gear on show once again this year.

It was never going to be the same having to all go out individually or in small groups while observing social distancing guidelines instead of our usual spectacle of over 200 helmets setting off together up our hill.

We’ve posted an album of you all on Facebook as we get pictures and we’re hoping you’ll help us to decide who wins the best helmets in the 4 categories we’re awarding prizes for this year. They are adult male and female and junior male and female. Please comment via social media or email us who you think are the best ones. We’ve been able to meet some of our participants who have run at Westbury as they finished and take some pics and share a chat about their efforts. There has been many a bemused dog walker to whom we’ve explained the reason for us all running in crazy head gear!

Our Just Giving page is doing really well and currently standing at an impressive £450, big thanks to everyone for your generosity once again.  We created this to take donations from people who weren’t taking part or wanted to support people who were doing so and had asked us how they could donate.

We’ve drinks bottles donated by Wessex Water for the first 200 entrants as well as the legendary pottery mementos which are being crafted by Trevor at the White Horse Pottery as you read this. He’s under strict instructions to keep them secret, so no sneaking up hoping for a sneaky peek!

Meanwhile, you’ll hopefully recall us writing about Annika our friends serving in the Middle East. She did her run in searing heat while having to wear helmet, face mask and gloves but understandably due to restrictions imposed for security we’re unable to provide a picture of her doing so. Annikas’ friends helped her to raise £300 which is a fantastic effort, thank you to her very much for taking part for her third run with us, we’re keeping a hat trick badge ready for her on her return.

So finally, just a reminder to everyone. There are still quite a few who have signed up that have yet to take part. Please remember, there is no event this year on August 12th, it takes place from as soon as you sign up until 12th August after which we’ll close the event down and start planning for next year which will be our 5th anniversary.  If you’re coming to Westbury to do your run, please let us know when and we might be able to come and greet you when you’re done. In the meantime, as soon as things start to normalise we’ll look to get mementos delivered, hopefully in groups in person. Have fun out there, tell your friends to sign up too and we’ll see you all soon.