A Hilly Helmet Thank You For 2021

Hi Helmeteers, it’s been a few weeks now tying up loose ends and settling our bills but we’ve finally been able to get the final total off to Brain Tumour Support.

Thank you all so much for once again supporting our event as we celebrated our fifth year, an event we had to get on as we came out of such a tough time after the lock down of 2020.

It was great to see 175 entrants signed up this year though not all were able to run on the night due to a variety of reasons, with some still getting in touch with details of their virtual effort. If you’ve done a virtual effort and not yet received a memento, please do get in touch.

Around 130 actually ran on the night led home by Ed the Viking for the men and Beth for the ladies. Our friend David from our HH cousin Hazelbury Hurrah! was the winner of the best helmet as he sported a peacock design.

We are thrilled to once again be in a position where Brain Tumour Support will be receiving a total very close to £5000 from us this year. As you may or may not know, at our event 100% of your entry fees is able to go to the charity thanks to all our event partners who fund all our expenses. In addition this year, we got a real boost to our pot with a corporate donation of $2500US plus two runners who together raised almost £500 in personal sponsorship. So the total? £4900 plus some bits of clanky change, thank you all so much, we’re delighted to come back so strongly from having to go virtual in 2020 and once again really appreciate our Helmeteers and our helpers who keep coming back to make this such a fun evening.

Big thanks also go to our ever present photographer Martin who has taken such great photos at all our events which are all available to download for free at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/downlands/albums/72157719672819836?fbclid=IwAR3K3AbrS-_2afc8wGoK1LYhv7wXWLkPFPLZLlbRUHIXFvRDMsASa8ER8gU

The recreation centre proved once again to be a great venue and further enhanced by an outside bar and bbq put on for us by the cricket club.

Lets not forget our event partners too, without whose backing we couldn’t do this, Kyna Software, Stampede Sports, Stark Ecology, Mike Sargeant Dry Stone Walling, Beaverteeth Services, and of course The West Wilts Magazine, all of which have supported us multiple times since we started in 2017.

We were really grateful for all the lovely comments from our participants too. We were delighted to collect an award in 2019 based on our Helmeteers feedback, so if you enjoyed yourselves again and would like to let everyone know, we’d be very grateful for your time leaving feedback via this link at the Racecheck website. Who knows, you might even win us another. https://racecheck.com/races/the-hilly-helmet-challenge/?fbclid=IwAR27YGKOROHqcmuOH7zRBQV7hiOt6Op_QSxMrHB3QHye4Lyvwzv-AJdUya4

We appreciate these things can take a little time, but your positive feedback really helps let others know how much you enjoyed our event.

So that’s it for 2021. We’re now planning for Hilly Helmet 6, so get your diary out. Wednesday August 10th is the date we’ll be aiming at and we’ll be hoping to have entry open by the end of the year. Maybe a nice seasonal present? Thanks again, we hope to see you again next year.