Community Matters Boost For Brain Tumour Support

After applying earlier in the year we were really excited to receive the news that Hilly Helmet on behalf of Brain Tumour Support had been selected for the Waitrose Community Matters shoppers tokens collection in the Warminster store back in June. The campaign runs every month and Waitrose split £1000 between the three charities selected for each month.

On Saturday, Hilly Helmet founder Robin-Mark Schols went along to meet Sarah, the local Community Matters officer for the store.  She presented him with a cheque for £450 for Brain Tumour Support which will be passed on at his visit to the charity headquarters this Tuesday.

“£450 is a lot of money and the charity will put this to good use. It’s a great boost to the events’ fundraise too”, said Robin-Mark. Sarah, whose life has also been touched by the disease with a friend recently going through a brain tumour was also delighted Waitrose were able to help. “We often have one stand out charity from the three chosen”, she said.

Once again, we thank Waitrose for their support for our event and hope we may see a representative from them on the night.