Hilly Helmet 2023 Now Open For Entry

Happy 2023 everyone!

As the evenings have now started to stay light for longer and the weather starts to improve, our thoughts have turned towards this years event and we’re delighted to announce entry is now open via this link: http://www.entrycentral.com/thehillyhelmetchallenge

The event will take place on Wednesday 16th August with a 7pm starting gun and once again this year, we’re hoping to add to the amount we have raised for the charity Brain Tumour Support over the years, so we hope we’re on your ‘To Run’  list.

It’s an exciting year for Brain Tumour Support as they celebrate their 20th year, so we really hope we will have a successful evening and hope to raise a good sum for them once again this time.

We continue to keep the event priced to offer good value, recognising we’re in a financial climate where we’re all faced with some tough choices while also looking to raise as much as we can. We’re very proud that together we have managed to raise over £25000 since 2017.

Once again we’re delighted to have all our expenses covered by generous event partners, which enables us to keep costs down and ensures 100% of  your entry fee actually gets to the charity. We’ll be profiling our event partners over the coming weeks and hope you’re able to support them as they support us where you are able.

Finally, as it’s our 7th year, we’re encouraging you to get creative, offering the number 7 as your inspiration, magnificent 7, lucky 7, you decide! Of course, if you’d rather just run in a helmet that’s comfortable that’s fine too.

We look forward to seeing you on 16th August.