Hilly Helmet 5 Entry Fees

Hi everyone.

We’ve been very keen to finally get our event for this year live so you could get your entry in. In our haste to do so sadly we overlooked the fact that as a condition of us being issued with a race permit we are obliged to give a £2 discount to affiliated club members which is what we based the £12 entry fee we announced on.

We’re pretty sure we charged £12 last year for the virtual event, so that was what we had in mind. With many of our Helmeteers being club members this won’t affect you as you’ll get the £12 price quoted but for non affiliated members it will be £14. We apologise for this error but of course, all this money goes to charity and not to a race event organisation anyway.

We’re confident Hilly Helmet continues to offer great value at £14 and hope to see you signing up and organising your summer running to include our event before all the other events start to scrabble for dates having already missed out on the early spring slots due to the pandemic. There are bound to be clashes and we hope you choose us.

Please head over to Entry Central to sign up, https://www.entrycentral.com/thehillyhelmetchallenge