Hilly Helmet Goes Gold!


After a lot of anticipation the Racecheck website finally revealed their award winners for 2019 this morning. We are thrilled to announce thanks to you, our voters, they have awarded The Hilly Helmet Challenge 2019 with a Gold Award!

Race founder Robin-Mark Schols said, ” I remember waiting for my plate to be fitted where part of my skull had been removed and running around in the helmet feeling sorry for myself but thinking, hey I could turn this into a race and fund raise. It felt like a daft idea but I’m thrilled with how with everybodys’ help and generosity this event has gone from strength to strength over the years it’s been held from that idea. We’ve had fantastic support from various event partners who have helped fund it and been supported with such enthusiasm by all those who have signed up to run each year and had so many prizes donated too. On top of that, we have a great team who love to help get it on and it’s just made the whole thing a pleasure.”

Robin continued, “We decided we should see if we could get some recognition for the event so asked our runners if they would rate it. The response we got was brilliant and that’s what makes this award so special. Races aren’t cheap, so it’s only fair we can get honest opinions on the ones we’re interested in. I’d like to thank everybody who has taken the trouble to rate our event. We’ve had 64 ratings in total, with 15 on the last day before the totals were counted, so clearly it also means a lot to our Helmeteers too.”

Hilly Helmet finished with a rating of 4.94 out of 5 across the different criteria people were asked to vote on and were just .1 of a mark away from being voted Top Rated off road event of 2019 in the face of some very experienced opposition. You can take a look at the final results via the link below. Remember too, entries are now open and all entrants are placed into a prize draw from the moment they sign up, so what are you waiting for?

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