Introducing The Hilly Helmet Smile Factor

We’ve lots to be excited about in the lead up to this years’ event. We’ve smartened up our website, got some nice colourful flyers and advertising material and some nice props on the way for the night. We’re spreading the word via social media, our flyers and via our opportunity to appeal to the running community via our ‘on the road’ campaign at the local parkruns.

We had a great turnout Saturday and we can’t wait to do it all again at Southwick Country Park on 25th May at  the parkrun. It’s not our event, we’re just introducing ourselves and offering a place to the parkrunner that runs (or walks) in the helmet we find most interesting. We had some great comments from people at Melksham at the feeling that came from running in a helmet last Saturday, though some were a little worried they might not be able to stay the course, so we’d like to put this straight.

You see the happy lady in the picture at the top? If you have any doubts, she’ll be the one that makes sure you do get to the finish and all with that great big smile. Judy has been sweep since the event first started in 2017 and she’ll be there to encourage those at the back again this year. Just to reassure you further, she’s a first aider too, what more could you want?  So now we’ve put your mind at rest, have you signed up yet?