Jenna Enjoys River Run

It was great to meet up with Hilly Helmet Challenge prize winner Jenna last week at the Chippenham Harriers River Run. “This event and Hilly Helmet are two of my favourites, so I was thrilled to win a place for it from my other favourite race” said Jenna. We’re really pleased she enjoyed herself and are delighted that the Harriers have once again pledged a place to one of our lucky winners again in this years Hilly Helmet Challenge.

Meanwhile, this Friday sees two more of our lucky prize winners taking on the Hazelbury Hurrah, a 10km multi terrain event held near Corsham. Dave and Ian, coincidentally both from Frome Running Club,  were both winners of the donated prizes. We hope to catch up with them on the night and will bring you news of their evening some time next week. Once again, Corsham Running club donated these places and will be donating again for this years’ Hilly Helmet.