Prize News Update

Last week we offered a prize up to our Helmeteers that had been won but the winner was unable to use it. The winner second time around was Ken Pyper and we wish him well in the event to be held in January. We’ll let you all know how he got on. It seems we can’t give these prizes away as today we learned another of our winners Lorna is also unable to take up her prize, a place in this years’  Hullavington 10k to be held on the 15th of this month. Once again, we’d like to offer our Helmeteers who took part in this years’ event the chance to run in her place.

As a donated prize we have attached some simple but what we consider fair conditions:

You have to have taken part in 2019 Hilly Helmet, you can’t have already won a prize in the race bib raffle this year and you have to be able to take part on the 15th September in the event. Please put your name forward if you’re available and would like to run it to by 9pm on Friday 6th September to register your interest. We will announce the winner on Saturday.

We’re really grateful to Stampede Sports for their support as a founding event partner and prize donor these past three years so we hope you’ll only enter our draw if you’re able to run it. If that changes again, the place will only be transferable to another Hilly Helmet entrant from this years event and that decision will be at the discretion of the event director of Stampede Sports.

Stampede Sports donate not one but two race places with an entry also provided by them for this years’ White Horse Gallop, the big brother of Hilly Helmet. If you enjoyed our event you can still enter that one too. Entry for both events is now available on Entry Central.