Steves’ Challenge

It was nice to hear from Steve Thorne who entered our event and got in touch wanting to take part in Hilly Helmet as a sponsored runner. We set him up with some sponsor forms and he’s aiming to collect a nice sum to add to our fundraise for Brain Tumour Support and we’re very grateful. We recently met up for a chat.

Steve is 55 and a flooring installer by trade, describing himself as someone who has run on and off for about 6 years mostly for fitness. He’s done a few 10k races, mostly on road and he was feeling a little apprehensive about our hill. He told me how his friend Andy’s brain tumour diagnosis, treatment and ongoing recovery affected and shocked him. ‘I looked up to Andy’s sporting achievements and I’m doing this to recognise him and what he has fought through to still be here.  He’s been through such a lot and the medical teams have been amazing. I hope my efforts also help bring more awareness as well as nice sum to Brain Tumour Support’, said Steve.

Andy, 55, was diagnosed with a tumour called a craniopharyngioma, a rare, benign (not cancer) brain tumor that usually forms near the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. Due to the location of it, craniotomy surgery was too dangerous, so entry through the nose was the only way the surgeons were able to tackle the tumour to reduce the growth. Typically, it’s a slow-growing tumour and doesn’t spread to other parts of the brain or to other parts of the body, but it does have to be watched with regular scans to  monitor regrowth. Andy has a daily cocktail of drugs and steroids which mean he can gain weight very easily which he has to work very hard to manage the best he can. Andy was previously pretty sporty himself, successfully completing triathlon and Ironman events and inspiring Steve to take up running himself.

We’re looking forward to seeing Andy as he comes to support Steve at our event, along with Steves’ partner Debby and hope Steve has a great run with us.