Why We’re Doing This

Meet Kim Wainwright.

Kim is 8 weeks post op from the removal of her meningioma and bone flap and will now wear this helmet until such times as they can replace the plate once everything is ready to do so. She had to go back in after complications and have the plate removed and now finds herself with the funky headgear until the time is right to fit a new plate.

Kim learned about Hilly Helmet from a friend of our event and immediately signed up to do it herself to ‘give me something to aim for’ being her actual words on the matter. We’re thrilled at the prospect of her taking part in an event specifically created to help and highlight the situation she finds herself in and will be following her journey to her participation with great interest.

Kim is no stranger to running and amongst her many events has completed the London marathon and a triathlon, with an impressive haul of medals to prove it pictured above. She’s certainly looking forward to Hilly Helmet and hoping to take part in a half marathon in October and we wish her well in both her recovery and preparations for the events.