And The Winner(s) Is (are)

We’re delighted to finally bring you the winners of our best helmets in the Adult Male and Female categories for our virtual event this year.

We’d like to thank everyone that took part while wearing headgear this year. It’s one thing all running together on the night in fancy dress but quite something else to do it on your own or maybe in a smaller group away from the event and have people stare and maybe make you feel uncomfortable for doing so. This can be a regular occurrence for people after a craniotomy. As if they aren’t going through enough already and having to cope, feeling out of place having to wear a protective helmet in all environments can be a very difficult experience indeed. The event has been a really good way to spread awareness of this and help people understand why they might see protective¬† helmets being worn in unusual circumstances during daily life.

Firstly I’d like to announce the ladies prize. We had many fantastic helmets from the ladies this year and a lot of papier mache was in evidence. It was great to see so much creativity, thank you all so much for your enthusiasm. There were many worthy winners but it soon became clear there was no need to even put a short list up as so many people were struck by one in particular they got in touch with me personally to say so.


Kim Wainwright went through her own craniotomy in April and when she heard about Hilly Helmet saw it something to get her back on her feet and aim at. Kim was having to wear a protective helmet already so as a keen knitter,¬† created a covering for it to transform herself into a viking complete with beard. It took all her energy to complete her effort leaving her literally exhausted for some days afterwards. We think she is amazing and really deserving of the best ladies helmet award and we’re so thrilled to have had her be part of it all. We hope to welcome her next year in person.

Meanwhile, the male prize also saw some great efforts. Flowers, lights, a pot plant, pipe cleaners, even a mini golf course, it really was a tough choice I’m glad I didn’t have to make and after a lengthy opportunity for Helmeteers to vote the winner is Michael Fisher with a nice floral number.

Prizes are currently being created and will be delivered over the next couple of weeks. Junior prizes will be announced later in the week.

Next year we will be back to having just one winning helmet, so get your thinking caps/helmets on, we’re looking for something extra special for our 5th anniversary.