Hazelbury Hurrah! Winners Announced

We’re pleased to announce the lucky winners of the two race entries kindly  donated to us by our friends at Corsham Running Club. The winners were drawn at random yesterday by a random number selection process. Additionally, two reserves were drawn in case the first two people drawn were not able to use the entries.

The winners were:

Ian Holmes and Paul Castle.

The two reserves drawn were:

Jackie Hall and Richard Wood

Ian has run Hilly Helmet both times so far and is signed up for his hat trick this year and we’re looking forward to seeing him (and you) back for it. He was thrilled to win his Hazelbury Hurrah prize and is looking forward to running there in July.

Sadly, our second winner Paul is unable to make the Corsham event  so the place was offered to our first reserve Jackie, who is also signed up for her Hilly Helmet Hat Trick  this year. Amazingly, she is also unable to take part so the place has been offered to our second reserve Richard Wood. (Glad we picked two reserves!)

We’re now waiting for confirmation he is able to make use of the place and if he cannot we’ll work out another way to make it available again.

In the meantime we’d like to offer up a big Hilly Helmet Thank You to Corsham Running Club for their generosity in donating these prizes.