Hilly Helmet 2020 Update

This year Covid-19 has affected all our lives like we never imagined possible. With our plans for August we have watched and waited to ensure we made the right decision regarding the holding of this years’ event.

In light of the current situation in the UK we have seen most if not all mass participation events of all types either cancelled or optimistically postponed to the last quarter of the year. We’ve had to ask ourselves a few questions.

Will mass participation events be allowed by August?

Will Leighton Recreation Centre even be open?

Will Westbury cricket club be playing at the venue due to postponed fixtures thus giving us nowhere to base the event?

Having considered these and other factors, it is with a heavy heart we have decided not to proceed with Hilly Helmet as a mass participation event on the night of 12th August this year. Sadly the very nature of the event means a postponement is not possible, but we’ve an alternative plan!

Hilly helmet was created to bring a fun night of running to everyone and help a charity that offers support to all those affected by the diagnosis of a brain tumour. For the last 3 years your support through Hilly Helmet has been nothing short of fantastic. Like all charities, Brain Tumour Support has been hit really hard by the pandemic with donations down by around 50% and opportunities to hold fund raising events reduced to virtually nil. Meanwhile the diagnoses of brain tumours do not stop and the services they provide to those affected are still needed as much as ever.

We’ve been warmed by the generosity of entrants who have been in touch over the last few weeks wondering if our event would still be going ahead with all those enquiring stating they were happy for us to pass their entry money to Brain Tumour Support and we’re truly grateful for this selfless approach to things from you.

We know many of our Helmeteers enjoy preparing their headgear in advance so for one year only and to help Brain Tumour Support at their toughest time ever, we’d like you to still run for them in a virtual run, The Lock Down Helmet, and don’t forget to run in your helmet!

You’ll be able to fit this in any time at your convenience over a time period we’ll be announcing very soon and we’ll be changing our event on Entry Central to recognise it will now be organised in this way. If you’ve already entered, if your helmet is ready to go you can do your activity as soon as you like and let us have the details and pictures of your run as soon as you can. You should have received an email from us today if you’re already entered into this years event.

Entries will still be via Entry Central once set up and we’d like you to run or walk for 4 ¼ miles, about the distance Hilly Helmet is and wear your best helmet to do it, running or walking it in your own neighbourhood as per government guidelines. If you can find a hill of some sort, please do incorporate it but we understand not everybody may be able to do so. All those who take part will get one of our legendary pottery mementos with unique artwork to remember the occasion. Additionally, if you were on your hat trick run for us this year you’ll still get your hat trick badge too.

We’re also encouraging juniors to take part this year by offering family entries to get the whole family involved. Of course we expect you to accompany any juniors you sign up and all entrants MUST respect social distancing as you take part. Please also ensure any juniors are capable of taking part and not over exerting themselves by doing so.

We’ll be awarding prizes as follows:

Best helmets for male and female entrants

Best Junior male and female entrants.

When you’ve done your run or walk we’d like you to send us a photo of your watch or Strava or whatever app you use AND a picture of you in your helmet, in fact send us all the pictures you like and we’ll post them up on our twitter or Facebook feeds so we can decide who the prize winners are. A point to note is that production of mementos has already been geared to a delivery in August so you may be waiting until then for yours. We’re in talks with the pottery to work towards an earlier  delivery if possible but this will be affected by demand. Thank you for understanding our time frames on this.

We’ve found ourselves in a really difficult position this year and really hope we have offered a satisfactory alternative to our annual event. Hilly Helmet has given everyone taking part some great nights since 2017 and we hope you can continue to support us this year. We’re sure 2021 will be some party and you’ll all be invited as usual.

Many Thanks for your continued support.

Robin-Mark Schols