Still time to win a Hazelbury Hurrah race place! – Prize draw this weekend

If you’ve entered Hilly Helmet 2019 already then we’ve great news for you. You’re in the draw to win a free place for the Hazelbury Hurrah! in July. Yes that’s right July, the month before our own event.

Our friends at Corsham Running Club have once again donated two places to help entice you to sign up for Hilly Helmet 2019. Last year they were prizes on the night of our event but as it now takes place a month earlier than ours, we’re giving them away early meaning you could be a winner before you even come to run with us in August!

This Friday at midnight will be the cutoff for this and names of winners will be announced on here on Monday 3rd June, so if you’ve been meaning to enter but have been procrastinating, do it now and have a chance of getting a little extra something while still entering your favourite event.